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Why learn Object-oriented PHP?

Over 80% of websites are now written in PHP, making it more important than ever for web developers to master this programming language. Although the PHP basics are easy to learn, it is the knowledge of Object-oriented PHP that separates the professionals from the hobbyists.

When using Object-oriented programming, we organize the code in an efficient way, so it is easier to work with, develop and upgrade. Due to its many benefits, developers who master the craft of Object-oriented PHP are a hot commodity in the job market among companies and enterprises that have a need for advanced online applications.

PHPenthusiast is tailor-made for developers who are serious about mastering Object-oriented PHP. We not only provide easy-to-understand and concise tutorials, but also coding exercises to practice the newly acquired skills. By doing so, we make the learning process as fast and smooth as it can be.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time! Get on board and learn to truly master Object-oriented PHP!

The eBook

The website is accompanied by an eBook "The essentials of Object Oriented PHP" which offers more tutorials as well as more practice opportunities. The eBook is an in-depth guide to help you quickly and easily increase your web development skills and so become a hot commodity in the job market.